One place for all your vertical farming needs

Whether you want perfect conditions for crop research and propagation, or a fully-automated commercially-viable vertical farm, we have the expertise and resources to guide you toward success — even if you have no prior experience with indoor growing.

Vertical Farming Services

Turnkey Vertical Farming Systems

We design, build and deploy fully-automated vertical farming systems, from single-unit labs to sprawling facilities for large-scale agriculture.

Tailor-made Innovative Solutions

Come to us if you want to implement or upgrade lighting, irrigation, climate control or data-collection systems for indoor agriculture.

ISO 9001 Certification

We can help you with obtaining the ISO 9001 quality standard, which puts the customer at the center by following the necessary procedures.

Agriculture 5.0 Consulting

Start your vertical farming journey with us, using the latest technological developments. Our experts will help you find the most viable solution to meet your growing needs.


Vertical Farming Lab

Ideal for crop research and development, the single-unit Lab is a self-sufficient vertical farm with automated lighting, irrigation and climate control systems, all fitting inside a standard shipping container (or a custom built enclosure). 


Lab Data Collection

Using sensors to collect cultivation data helps optimize crop yields, improve resource management, and reduce environmental impacts,  leading to greater  profitability.

Studying New Plants With Lab

Creating and studying new plants can lead to improved crop traits, such as disease resistance, yield potential, and nutritional value.


Diversification With Lab

Diversifying agricultural production can reduce the risk of crop failure due to weather or market fluctuations, increase income through the sale of a wider range of products.

Vertical Farming Hub

The Hub is a step up from the Lab. It’s a modular and scalable, fully-automated controlled environment for growing large quantities of highest-quality fresh produce year-round.



Possibility to connect up to 18 standard shipping containers


Containers can be linked together in custom configuration


Requires less water, soil & land area compared to traditional agriculture


Lets you produce food in ideal conditions 365 days a year


Vertical farming solutions from seed to shelf


Lighting Systems

IGROX produces LED technology and control systems for cultivation in controlled environments


Irrigation System

NIDO enables cultivation optimization by automating and managing fertigation and climate


Air Conditioning

DAIKIN provides air conditioning solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications


Storage & Conservation

GREENTECHNOLOGY builds storage, processing, conservation and packaging systems for fruit

What do you need to succeed with vertical farming?

Our experts have helped build, deploy, scale and operate numerous vertical farms in Europe. Whether you only want to start experimenting with indoor farming equipment on a small scale, or you have ambitions to develop a profitable vertical farming business, we will be there to guide & advise you at each step of the way.


Why farm vertically?

Extreme droughts. Sudden frost. Unseasonable weather caused by climate change. These are things vertical farmers don’t have to worry about. Thanks to proven technology, we can start building an environmentally-friendly and sustainable food supply. 

Better for the environment, better for the producers, better for the consumers

Less water and soil wasted, less CO2 emissions

Higher yields thanks to year-round production

Reduced mileage from farm to table

Controlled and monitored environment

Healthier produce, including microgreens


Whether you’re curious about our activities, you want to learn more about the latest trends in energy and agriculture, or you’re from the press, we’re here to answer any questions