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Vertical Farming

Vertical Farming

Vertical farming is an innovative technique to agriculture that boosts yields while saving water and using fewer pesticides. Vertical farming is thus a sustainable and environmentally beneficial choice that also allows for the production of fresh and organic vegetables in an urban setting, and we have extensive expertise establishing labs and vertical farms in Europe.

Drone Solutions

Drones with high-tech equipment are revolutionizing agriculture by collecting data and generating detailed maps of crops, soil, and environmental conditions. This data can be used to identify areas of stress or damage, track crop growth and health, and develop prescription maps for targeted interventions. Additionally, drones can apply fertilizers, pesticides, and other inputs with precision and efficiency.


Heating Engineer

Heating engineering has become increasingly significant over the years, particularly in the current climate where there is an emphasis on reducing energy usage and personal carbon footprints. We collaborate with some of the most reputable brands in the sector to offer you the greatest options for your heating requirements, including boiler, radiator, and other heating equipment installation, maintenance, and repair.

Energy Consulting

Energy consultants assist businesses in understanding their energy consumption and offer suggestions for how they may change it. It will frequently be helpful to have some understanding of environmental issues and renewable energy sources. As experts in the energy industry we provide a wide range of services including energy audits, energy management plans, and feasibility studies.


Solar Panel Plant

Harnessing the power of the sun today is easy. Solar panel plants offer a low cost of energy production and have low maintenance requirements, so they are an important part of the transition to a more sustainable energy future. We provide technical support to help you choose the best solar panel solution for your needs and ensure that your plant is running at optimal capacity.

Hydrogen Plant

Hydrogen plants are a crucial component of the transition towards a more sustainable energy future. We are dedicated to assisting our clients in lowering their carbon footprints and supporting the switch to cleaner energy sources. By continuing to develop and invest in hydrogen technology, we can build a cleaner, more sustainable energy future for generations to come. 


Agriculture 5.0

The adoption of Agriculture 5.0 technologies has the potential to revolutionize the way we approach farming and agriculture. Agriculture 5.0 solutions are designed to be highly efficient and cost-effective, making them a great long-term investment, a fantastic approach to promote sustainable farming, and indispensable aid in adjusting to varying environmental conditions. 

CO2 Market

As companies become more aware of the environmental and financial benefits of reducing their carbon footprint, the CO2 market is likely to grow in importance in the years to come. We offer support with government regulations and incentive programs to help our clients take advantage of the benefits of CO2 management.


Business Automation

Business automation not only improves efficiency, but also enables companies to focus on high-value activities, such as strategizing and innovation, rather than wasting time on administrative tasks. We provide training and technical support to help our customers take full advantage of the capabilities of ActiveCampaign.


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