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J Tech Group, the leader in the management of turnkey projects for the agricultural and energy sector

The industries of vertical farming, urban agriculture, and energy management are expanding quickly and are becoming more significant in the modern world. J Tech Group is a business that was founded more than 15 years ago in Italy and since then, we have led this change by offering businesses and organizations all throughout Europe consultancy services in these areas. J Tech Group has been able to assist businesses in reducing their energy usage or increasing yields by focusing on effective energy management, building insulation, and complete vertical farm solutions.


J Tech Group assists clients in making the best decisions for achieving the goals of reducing emissions, energy or financial savings, developing projects using the FMEA method, seeking funding, and ensuring a significant decrease in development costs by putting clients in direct contact with technology manufacturers. We participate in the major international trade shows as a pioneer in this industry, including GreenTech in Amsterdam and the Cannabis Business Conference in Las Vegas.

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The utilization of cutting-edge technology and creative ways is at the core of the success. J Tech Group, for instance, bases all of its recommendations for vertical farming on factual data. Because of this, building an on-site lab is the first stage in establishing a vertical farm. It is possible to adjust the settings and discover the ideal temperature, lighting, and irrigation settings for each type of crop by first developing this lab where plant seedlings are developed. New vertical units are erected once the production of successful seedlings in the lab is ramped up.


J Tech Group‘s focus extends beyond its work in the energy management and agricultural industries to corporate automation. We assist companies in streamlining their operations and boosting productivity by employing solutions like Active Campaign, which ultimately saves them time and money.

J Tech Group is able to completely handle the creation of systems tailored to fulfill client demands thanks to agreements with top technology manufacturers. We are known as one of the top consulting businesses in the sector thanks to our emphasis on innovation, sustainability, and efficiency. J Tech Group offers the knowledge and experience to support you in achieving your objectives, regardless of whether you want to reduce your energy usage or expand your vertical farming enterprise.


Whether you’re curious about our activities, you want to learn more about the latest trends in energy and agriculture, or you’re from the press, we’re here to answer any questions