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We assist businesses in creating and implementing technological projects while managing crucial challenges

We are an engineering, consulting and certification company, operating in multiple sectors for more than 15 years. Our objective is to use the best technological and economical solutions for business automation, energy management, and plant growing.

Vertical farming pioneers

Our hands-on experience combined with data-focused approach, guarantees a successful, high-yielding vertical farm for your business. Say goodbye to the uncertainties of outdoor farming and hello to year-round production and consistency in quality with the trusted leaders in vertical agriculture.


Drone solutions for agriculture

The next level of topographic, cartographic and cadastral surveying of farming land. A smarter way to identify damages following natural disasters, detect invasive species as early as possible, or optimize agricultural production by using the latest generation of drones equipped with infrared, multispectral and thermal sensors.

J Tech additional services

Heating Engineer

Design, installation and maintenance of the heating systems, pipe works, fixtures, fittings and other equipment for residential, commercial or industrial properties.
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Energy Consulting

Consultancy activities focused on thermography, energy certifications, diagnosis of energy efficiency of a building, design of technical specifications and more.
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Solar Panel Plant

The fastest growing renewable power source converts abundant, available and cheap thermal energy from the sun, into electrical energy using photovoltaic panels.
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Hydrogen Plant

Leveraging one of the renewable energy sources to enable zero or near-zero emissions in industrial processes, integrated clean energy systems, and transportation.
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Agriculture 5.0

Combining precision farming & digital technologies, Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence & robotics to automate farming processes, & analyze farming data.
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CO2 Market

CO2 market is a new component of the global economy, having a reliable adviser is essential while engaging in activities aimed at regulating carbon emissions.
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